Also published by the International Society for
Technology in Education (
ISTE), the second
edition of
Videoconferencing for K-12
includes more resources and
more ideas for educators who want to teach
with digital tools and bring the world into their
classrooms using live, interactive video.

The book includes examples and listings of
Virtual Field Trip opportunities around the way to connect students to
mentors and professional mentors.
I wrote this book after working on a project involving several school
districts that made use of videoconferencing equipment and emerging
digital communication tools to connect students to people, ideas, and
resources in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and

Kids in all grades used the technology to learn more about jobs and
careers in these fields they otherwise would never have known existed.
Typically, students spend most of their days in the classroom, but they are
fascinated by the outside world, and they are proficient with digital
technology tools and new media. Why not use the technology to open their
eyes about possibilities beyond the classroom?

Career awareness activities can begin for students as young as
kindergarten age. Youngsters I've observed visiting the International
Space Station via video were mesmerized and engaged. They will forever
know they could be an astronaut too if they study science, math,
technology, and engineering.

Digital media can be utilized to establish relationships with mentors, bring
career awareness information to students, and provide an array of
communication programs between the classroom and real-life

The book is filled with links to resources and ideas for teachers. It
includes examples of how to expand awareness for students, provide
teachers with experience using the technologies, and ways to bring the
world to students in their classrooms, no matter how remote and far from
an urban area they might be located.

Teachers can use the book to access resources to expand existing
programs in career awareness, to find ideas for interesting their students
in STEM courses by showing them authentic applications for these
subjects. Use this book to find new ways to support K-12 students as they
discover the world and find meaning and passion in what they must learn.

The book was published by the International Society for Technology in

Connecting Students to S.T.E.M. Careers-buy the book
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Videoconferencing for K-12 Classrooms
Connecting Students to
S.T.E.M. Careers
The Brass Bell is the life story of my Great
Aunt Marion Parsons. She built a school in her
father's cherry orchard in 1927 and helped
usher her community through dangerous times.
For those who remain, she is still their greatest
hero.  In the process of researching and writing
the book, I came to understand that she is not
just my Aunt Marion-she is everyone's Miss
Parsons. Hundreds came forward to share their  
memories of sleigh rides, trips to New York
City, and the terror of being called to Miss
Parsons office. She may have given up her
dreams for the sake of the school. She may
have realized those dreams in ways she hadn't
expected. Please read the book and find out
how one amazing woman dared to run and
school in the ways that educators today can
only wish that they could.
Find practical tips, and ideas, and
theories about STEM careers,
about the need to include art and
other content that students need
in order to understand and
participate in the world: