Turn your passion for writing into the skills you need to complete your project! Do you
    have a book in you?  A story? A topic you'd like to write for a professional journal?

    If your project is fiction, non-fiction, or narrative non-fiction, I can help.
    I will be your partner in many aspects of bringing your work to press, and that includes editing.

  • From conception to structure to completion

  • Identifying and refining your writing voice

  • No idea where to start? I can help with first steps.

  • We'll work together all the way to publication: finding an agent or publisher; preparing your work for submission;
          writing a book proposal for non-fiction work and a synopsis for fiction; and the all-important query letter. These letters can be the most
          essential part of your project and help you develop your "elevator pitch."

  • I believe that the writer's original work, voice, and tone is essential. As a coach, I'll help you get rid of extra words, and
          improve your syntax and your story.

  • Let's face it, writing a book, an article, or even a short story is difficult. Don't write alone.

  • Think of me as your personal writing trainer or coach.

  • Write an effective scene that will keep readers turning the page;  grab your readers and a publisher/agent.

  • I will work with you to apply the highest editorial standards to your book or any writing project.

  • I work virtually and provide weekly phone calls.

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