Camille LaPlume
Two Independence Day odysseys, one takes place in 1914, the
other in 1958. Two young women, Margaret Stanton and her
grandmother, Lillian—the same farmhouse, the same town, the
same amusement park—collide in an adventure across time on the
banks of Nine Mile Creek. Three generations of a proud family’s
heartbreak is finally resolved.

Margaret uses her vivid imagination and stories about the olden
days, told to her as a young child by her grandmother, to solve a
mystery discovered in an old cistern in the forbidden attic of the
family farmhouse. In a surprise slipstream turn of events, she
meets Lillian in a time travel escapade in the concealed caves of
Nine Mile Creek.

The landscape of this story is an overlay of two worlds, one of
trolley cars and horse-drawn sleighs, the other of a rambling old
farmhouse in a small Upstate New York mill town in the 1950s.
Nine Mile Creek
Young Adult Fiction
I also write short fiction, personal essay, creative non-fiction, and memoir.
My work has appeared in the
Ink-Filled Page, and Oregon Literary Review.

When I completed the first draft of a memoir,
Growing Up Nancy, I read it
and realized that my mother and a few others might be insulted or mad if I
published that story. And the idea of engaging these interesting characters
and interesting places in a fictional tale was too compelling to ignore. So I
put the memoir aside and wrote Nine Mile Creek.

I have currently returned to work on the memoir. To read an excerpt of
Growing up Nancy,
Click Here.

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