"When I began my search for an editor for my three-book Sci-Fi series, Camille Cole was
prompt to respond and give feed-back. She helped with copy editing and developmental
editing, taking my three-book series and turning it into six. She has shown me better ways
to express my visions and is very encouraging with story development. If not for Camille
Cole I would not be able to reach my dreams of becoming a writer. Many thanks!"   
Lumsden  (02/2019)

Camille is an editor extraordinaire, but also so much more: organizer, expediter, mentor,
writing therapist -- just what any writer or aspiring writer needs to get going and keep
going until his or her project comes to completion. Camille will help you through any stage
of the writing process from conceptualization to the final proof-read. She can help with
related tasks such as proposals and she has a network of colleagues that offer various
professional services related to publishing. Her rates are reasonable. I recommend the
monthly retainer-- it will help bring structure and companionship to what can otherwise be
an isolated and circuitous journey.”  
Denise Herrenbreck;; deniseherrenbruck@gmail.com

“I worked with Camille as a developmental editor on my book, Global Education Using
Technology to Bring the World to Your Students (ISTE, 2009), and then as a writing and
publications coach for a number of related pieces.  I found her clear and spot on advice
reflecting a well-honed awareness of reader’s needs benefited my work.  I recommend her
services to anyone getting their writing life started, or fine-tuning any piece of writing.
They will receive clear and easy to use advice delivered by a warm and caring
Dr. Laurence Peters
“I've been fortunate to work with several
talented editor/mentors over my career but I
can safely say that Camille Cole is both the
best and my favorite. Her insights into how to
best channel my words to maximize
effectiveness are always on target and I feel
my work is enhanced by her opinions and
contributions. She is always my go-to editor
because I can count on her honesty. As much
as I resist her advice sometimes, once I've
given it more thought, I realize how right she
is and what a treasure I have in her counsel
and spot-on analysis.”
Jake Kiehle, author/designer    
“I worked with Camille Cole for two years, as my coach, my editor, and my
mentor in all things literary. My goal is to be a writing teacher, and Camille
taught me so much about the field. She improved my writing with her
editorial work, she taught me how to make the best of social media to
promote myself, and she stuck with me through the ups and downs of my
life. Camille is an excellent writing coach and editor. She is well-versed in
the ins and outs of publishing and I recommend her to anyone trying to
make inroads into publication and seeking to take their work to the next
level, and the next, and the next.”
 Rachel Hayward; rchayward13@gmail.com;  
"To a person, the Mitchell family is forever indebted to Camille for the time
and effort she dedicated to compiling a history of the Syracuse Mitchell's.
Thank you for presenting the family with such an enjoyable read."
Michael Mitchell  mitchellgators@hotmail.com
“I have known Camille Cole since we went to high school together in
upstate New York. We shared some of the very best teachers in New
York who prepared us both well for our careers, Camille in education
and literary arts, myself in the sciences. We reconnected some years
ago when Camille asked if I would agree to be interviewed as a science
expert for her new book, “Connecting Students to STEM Careers”,
which I was delighted to do. Since then, she has continued to help me
with my attempts at writing for children, a hobby of mine.  Recently, I
was asked to write an article “Thorium Can Be a Rose With Thorns”, a
short story about nuclear power generation, for the non-profit website
www.5-minute-nuclear.com. Camille most graciously helped with editing
support of my exceptionally rough attempt and suggested a host of very
necessary and spot-on changes, taking the draft from garble to a
readable product with flow. You can always count on Camille for the
best advice. She is a great literary coach!”
Michael Clark, mikeaustria@gmail.com
I just finished your wonderful book The Brass Bell.  Your descriptions of
life in the Cherry Road neighborhood during those simple years
brought memories of the people I knew. I loved the two photos of
Charles Francis Parsons and Vernie Drawbridge Parsons’ farmhouse on
the drumlin (pages 192-3).  I remember a big swing in the side yard.
Vernie had many sisters, my grandmother, Ethel Drawbridge, was one of
them. Thank you for compiling such a rich local history, well written.

Appreciatively, Ethel Downing Larrabee (Mrs. William Ilmanen)   

“Camille is always a pleasure to work with. Her
professionalism, experience, and flexibility made her our
go-to resource for writing, editing, and reviewing
whatever we needed.”

Jeff Bolkan, Acquisitions Editor & Publisher at Glad Eye Press
"Camille has done exemplary work for us over the years.
She combines deep understanding of schools and
schooling from multiple perspectives as well as amazing
technical skills. She is a versatile writer and communicates
well in a variety of media. Perhaps, most importantly she is
trustworthy and on time when she promises a product."

Jay Matheson, former Director of Technology at the Southern
Oregon ESD
“I have known Camille and have been in the educational
technology field with her from the very early days when
computers were first entering the education sector.
Camille is one of those colleagues known nationally for her
expertise in videoconferencing in the classroom and has
directed many of her clients and teacher students to CILC,
where I am the executive director. When another
colleague and I were working on the launch of an ISTE
special interest work, SIGIVC, Camille worked tirelessly
with me to get this SIG off the ground. I have always found
Camille to be creative, innovative and reliable. She is one
of those “go-to” professional colleagues I can count on to
be a friend as wel

Ruth Blankenbaker, Retired CEO of CILC